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About Us

Ultra-Luxury is Our Standard.

URUNIQUE is an ultra-luxury lifestyle brand focused on only the most premium quality designer dress shirts for men from across the globe. Established in 2011, we serve luxury buyers who demand quality products from premier designer brands. 

We are devoted to creating a distinctive lifestyle for our valued clients. Here you will find an eclectic and alluring assortment of high end fashion crafted by visionary designers that are uniquely yours. 

Innovative Design is Our Passion.

Inspired by innovative designs, all of our shirts are contoured fit – not skin tight – as they drape properly over the body's natural silhouette, allowing for "free-flowing" movements, yet body conscious tailoring. But these are not just great-fitting shirts, they are works of art.

At URUNIQUE, we've partnered with detail-driven designers across the globe that have created in-house specialty masterpieces especially for our unique collections. By focusing on state-of-the-art designs made of superior quality, we've attracted fashion forward men from over 45 countries. With seasonal styles and an alluring palette of colors and patterns to suit any taste, it's no wonder our customers keep coming back.

Quality is Our Specialty.

We take the time to listen to our customers because only then are we able to give them exactly what they want. We share their passion for elegant and distinctive fashion, distinguishing them from the crowd. And, we only offer the highest quality designer shirts that are tailored and fitted to perfection.

With a keen eye to detail, the shirts are sewn with flawless craftsmanship and stylish features that showcase the individuality of the wearer. Our staff handpicks designer shirts made only with luxury fabrics and materials. The result is a selection that is not only ultra-comfortable, but that's made to last.

We Believe in The Power of a Great Team

Composed of a multicultural team, our staff truly believes in offering a better alternative to the men's fashion landscape. Because of this, our growth has accelerated over the last 4 years, and we now offer some of the world's finest designer brands.

URUNIQUE's commitment to quality is found in all aspects of our business. Offering top-notch customer service and an enjoyable online shopping experience are what truly sets us apart from the rest. With that, our site features a live customer service chat option whenever you need assistance, so feel free to leave us a message anytime! (It's on the bottom right of your screen).

Hand-Picked Luxurious Looks for a Man of Style.

We seek to empower men with sophisticated and elegant shirt designs that will get them noticed wherever they go.

And, we’re confident that the moment you unwrap your first shirt in the mail, you will see and feel the quality difference. We know you'll immediately want to try it on to see how refined you look in your new shirt. Whether you’re excited for the night ahead with the guys on the town, or you have a hot date to impress, URUNIQUE.com has everything you need to instantly look your best. We know you'll be impressed.

Just go ahead and take a look at our latest collections of designer polos, dress shirts & blazers. We know you’ll be impressed.

We look forward to introducing you to our brand promise, and continuing to serve you with the high-quality service you have come to expect from us.

Thank you for your continued interest in UrUnique.com.

UR Unique Team.



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